An opportunity like no other

Sitting on the doorstep of Geelong, Lovely Banks is an area ideally suited to creating a new, world-class community. Our purpose in presenting this design concept is to demonstrate how we envisage capitalising on its strategic location and natural beauty consistent with the `Clever and Creative` vision for Greater Geelong.

Supporting the region

Lovely Banks is in an ideal position to support the recovery of regional Victoria. With a plan to build over 15,000 new homes, once approved Lovely Banks will aim to deliver more than 2,000 jobs in two years.

Jobs for all
walks of life

We expect a five fold increase in job growth across a wide range of sectors – everything from builders to brokers, landscapers to designers, electricians to engineers.


A huge boost to Greater Geelong

$11 billion
end value
$237 million
invested on site every year
$306 million
net boost to annual state product
Town Centres

Partnering locally to make a difference

Lovely Banks is underpinned by a comprehensive commitment to make a measurable difference through key partnerships with Grow, genU, Sport in the North and Homes for Homes.
The project will draw unemployed into apprenticeship, ensure jobs and accommodation for locals with disabilities, and propagate 100,000 trees and plants.

Gen U
Sport in the North
Homes for homes

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Artist Impression of Vision Concepts subject to detailed design and approval by relevant authorities.