A vision for a
world-class community

With 15,000 homes and 40,000 residents across 5 neighbourhoods, Lovely Banks is a unique development with a broad scope and grand ambitions. This is an opportunity to build a world-class community and create a legacy that thrives for generations.

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The Monocline
& Skyline Park

A beautiful geographical formation that forms the backbone of the development.

We will celebrate the natural beauty of the landscape and provide an open space that ties the area together. A signature linear park will extend along the length of the Monocline, providing unique vantage points with unparalleled views of Melbourne, Geelong, the Bay, and the You Yangs.

Along its length, the Monocline will be transformed into parks, civic spaces and natural precincts utilising the amazing landscape to provide a real diversity of experiences.

The Town Centre

Just as the monocline acts as the backbone, the town centre is the heart of Lovely Banks.

Lovely Banks - The Town Centre

Built on the plateau and blessed with two-hundred degree views, the Lovely Banks Town Centre will be a grand urban destination of both local and regional significance. The Town Centre vision will feature a range of proposed uses including commercial spaces, major retailers, education, cafes, restaurants, apartments, town houses, hotels, functional spaces, terraces, gardens, an amphitheatre, and more.

As proof of the Lovely Banks vision, we will deliver the Elcho Village Centre early in the life of the development. With a signature community learning centre, convenience retailers, sculptures, and more proposed – the vision for Elcho Village Centre is a space designed for individual interactions that build into thriving communities.

Neighbourhoods that work.

We will put people first to lay a solid foundation for community.

Each of the distinct five neighbourhoods are designed to cater for all of the residents’ day to day needs.

Boasting a unique sense of place, the neighbourhoods will put people first and lay a solid foundation for community. They will be compact, connected and mixed use, designed so that schools, shops and all other daily needs are within easy reach.

These are neighbourhoods that will leave people feeling safe, happy, and at home.

The Clever & Creative Corridor

How the Monocline, Town Centre, and neighbourhoods are linked is of huge importance.

Tree lined avenues on the plateau will act as braided green links, connecting the Monocline to each neighbourhood. A loop of uninterrupted pathways will encourage walking and cycling above all else.

An extensive public transport network will service the corridor. Our vision is to employ the latest technology with Trackless Trams eventually providing a sustainable and forward-thinking public transport solution.


How we build this community will be just as important as what we build.

Early provisioning is vital. Flexible meeting spaces, gyms, cultural hubs and communal gardens will build a living, breathing community early on. Connections back into existing services beyond Lovely Banks will allow people to cycle or walk to the neighbouring suburbs of Lara and Corio.

Inspired by One Planet Living Principles, Lovely Banks will deliver a range of initiatives, including ultra-affordable homes; training and employment for at risk youth; partnerships with genU Geelong and Deakin University; as well as a commitment to zero waste and zero carbon homes.

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Artist Impression of Vision Concepts subject to detailed design and approval by relevant authorities.