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The Lovely Banks Development Group (LBDG) is committed to a range of unique and revolutionary ways to support the local community. Lovely Banks has the opportunity to not only benefit its future residents but also those living in the local area. Read on to learn the myriad of ways to bring tangible and positive change to those in the area.

Providing a lifeline to 3214.

First of all, LBDG is focused on helping those living in the nearby Postcode 3214. Adjacent to Lovely Banks are Corio and Norlane, two suburbs who suffer entrenched disadvantage and some of the highest unemployment rates in Australia. That’s why the Lovely Banks Development Group (LBDG) is partnering with local programs like Give Where You Live, G21 Regional Opportunities for Work (GROW) and genU.

The employment programs include pre-apprenticeship pathways based on the award-winning RISE (Regional Industry Sector Employment) program managed by the City of Greater Geelong and the creation of apprenticeships for unemployed young people. When development of Lovely Banks is in full swing, there will be around 750 direct jobs on site and several thousand off site. Lovely Banks wants to capture these economic benefits for all local residents.

We’re also working with Give Where You Live Foundation to investigate and ultimately implement a new style of community wealth-building model that will boost the economic participation of residents from Postcode 3214.

This model is currently being researched as part of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recently signed between LBDG and Give Where You Live Foundation, setting the basis for a partnership that will run for several decades.

“These are the sorts of partnerships that can make a lasting impact on the lives of some of Geelong’s most vulnerable residents,” said Give Where You Live CEO Bill Mithen. “The programs we are talking about have the potential to provide a lifeline to many people by delivering significant steps towards shifting the dial and building broad community wealth and wellbeing.”


Helping the area grow.

We’ve very proud to say that Lovely Banks is a GROW signatory. This involves working with the civil construction sector and Geelong’s home-building community to source materials and services from local supply chains and to provide employment for GROW-targeted communities.  With around $240m being invested in Lovely Banks every year, Lovely Banks has the scale to deliver real change.

“Hamlan Homes is delighted to have a practical role to play in engaging young people in apprenticeships and real jobs to help deliver the Lovely Banks vision,” said General Manager of Hamlan Homes, Andrew Carroll. “It is fantastic to see young people with so much potential step up to help build the community they will be an important part of in the future. All the while they are building homes, they are also building skills, careers and self-esteem.”


Partnerships that help everyone.

Another long-term partnership has been formed with genU to deliver immediate and ongoing benefits, including a reliable land-supply pipeline to facilitate the construction of supported accommodation for individuals with disability.

This will help create jobs for local people with disability and involve genU clients with growing trees on site at Lovely Banks. Planning has already begun on a project that will see genU clients propagating 100,000 trees for the greening of the first piece of Lovely Banks. LBDG is also exploring the feasibility of pre-planting canopy trees to go along the skyline and in the valleys, so they will be well established before development commences, providing character and shade when residents arrive.

There are also plans for a sustainability workshop which will include a recycling station, a men’s shed, commercial kitchen facilities and a community garden. The intention would be to create a circular economy and to recycle specialised items such as batteries, mobile phones, household appliances, green waste and hard rubbish.

“It’s exciting to see this sort of thinking becoming part of the way we do business in Geelong,” said genU CEO Clare Aimes. “Through this partnership with Lovely Banks Development Group, we are expecting to see housing and employment delivered to dozens of disadvantaged families and people with disability. It’s enlightened thinking that shares the financial benefits of such a large-scale development with a broad and deserving community.”

And finally, LBGD is committed to a robust social housing scheme. By partnering with Homes for Homes, LBGD will potentially generate several million dollars per year each year for social housing – in perpetuity.

“Lovely Banks Development Group recognises that with a project of this scale, we have a responsibility to leave behind a legacy – something that delivers benefits to the community now and for future generations,” said LBDG spokesman Todd Devine. “This is the future of masterplanned communities: strategically developed, accessible villages with a focus on community, social benefit and environment.”

“The thinking that has gone into the social issues and the technology that is being implemented to address the environmental issues is world-class. It is something that the landowners are tremendously passionate about and proud of,” he said.


So, as you can see there’s a whole lot of good going on at Lovely Banks. If you have any questions about any of the initiatives discussed here please feel free to get in touch.

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