A Milestone Moment for Geelong

We are excited to announce that the City of Greater Geelong has adopted a new Settlement Strategy and Framework Plan for Geelong’s Northern and Western Growth Areas.

The Geelong Council’s considered and comprehensive approach has produced the foundation for a truly outstanding new community that will significantly contribute to the urban fabric and future of Greater Geelong.

This is a milestone moment for Geelong, focusing growth away from the Bellarine while recognising the many benefits that a reinvigorated north will deliver. Lovely Banks Development Group feels exceptionally privileged to be part of this exciting future. We have collaborated closely with the Council to ensure Lovely Banks meets and exceeds Geelong’s clever and creative vision, setting a new benchmark in masterplanned community development at regional, state and national level.

Lovely Banks will comprise 15,000 homes, deliver more than 2,000 jobs within two years of commencing, and has an estimated end value of $11 billion. The new community will boast five Town Centres, 10 new schools, extensive community facilities, and hectares of open space. The entire community has been designed to ensure key services and amenities are in place from day one, with all residents within a short walk of core daily needs and employment nodes.

In addition, LBDG has already established key partnerships with genU, GROW, Geelong connected Communities, and Homes for Homes to implement proactive programs for skilling and employment, provision of housing for those in need, and support for disabled persons.

This is an exciting step for the Lovely Banks community and for Greater Geelong. We are enormously proud to be involved and look forward to working with the Council to continue to make Greater Geelong a region of world class significance.

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