Lovely Banks partners with Newland Developers

For the first exciting phase of this 15,000 lot, landmark community.

It’s set to create more than 2,000 jobs within two years of construction commencing. It is planning to deliver up to 10 per cent of lots to social and affordable housing. In all, it’s projected to inject some $237 million into the region each and every year of its development. Lovely Banks is one of Australia’s largest contiguous land holdings approved for future urban development. Today’s exciting announcement signals that this 15,000-lot master planned community is that much closer to being realised, for the benefit of everyone in the Greater Geelong area.

Delighted to be sharing the news first with all stakeholders, partners and the City of Geelong, Todd Devine, spokesperson for Lovely Banks Development Group (LBDG) and General Manager Property for Costa Asset Management, released an announcement this morning. “We are a united group of landowners, with a commitment to continue our pivotal role as master developer of this wonderful site. Also to achieve our single minded goal. Put simply, that is to ensure a world class outcome for Geelong and Victoria over the next 10 plus years. Our ability to accomplish, and indeed exceed, our vision will only be enhanced by Newland, a delivery partner that genuinely shares and can authentically contribute to the opportunity that Lovely Banks presents”.

In response, Mark Whinfield, General Manager Victoria, Newland Developers spoke highly of Lovely Banks and the alliance. “We are honoured to be given this responsibility and look forward to delivering an outstanding new community that builds on our experience and success at Warralily. It is exciting to be working with such a strongly aligned and dedicated landowner group. We cannot wait to bring our skills to the table and deliver for the community of Geelong.”

LBDG comprises some of Victoria’s most successful developers, many with a long and proud heritage in the Geelong region. This tangible connection gives rise to LBDG’s resolute commitment to deliver a benchmark master planned community that measurably contributes, particularly to the Northern Geelong Growth Area, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Newland Developers is recognised for its excellent track record in managing the delivery of master planned communities including their flagship project Warralily (Armstrong Creek). Having won multiple industry awards for environmental excellence, Newland is highly regarded for its unwavering attention to detail, dedication to customer care, track record in social and affordable housing, as well as its commitment to establishing an authentic connection between its developments and the surrounding community.

Already Lovely Banks in the advanced stages of planning, and construction is relatively imminent in context of the entire project development timeline. Now this Lovely Banks Newland partnership can look forward to further cementing its positive relationship with key authorities and stakeholders, with the next milestones announced in the coming months.

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